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The "5Rs" of Effective Learning

All Ormesby Village Schools Federation everyone in our community is expected to show a positive attitude and growth mindset each and every day. Adults model what we expect from the children and we reward those pupils who demonstrate such enthusiasm and determination throughout each week. 

Our "5Rs" represent five different life skills that we wish our pupils to learn and put into practise whilst at school. We hope once they are adopted the pupils can then transfer them into their daily lives outside of school. The “5Rs” stand for Resilience, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Readiness and Reflectiveness.

At our Infant school, each ‘R’ has an animal story associated with it:

Responsibility – The story of The Little Red Hen, who was responsible for making the bread.

Resourcefulness – The story of Anansi the spider, an African story of a spider who has to try new and different ways to get what he wants.

Readiness – The story of the Three Little Pigs, based on the third little pig who thought ahead and was ready for the wolf each time.

Resilience – The story of the Hare and the Tortoise, based on the tortoise who kept on going and won the race.

Reflectiveness – The story of the Owl who was afraid of the dark, based on how the main character ‘Plop’ reflects back on what he hears and sees to enable him enjoy the dark.

Please see the explanation posters below for more ways to demonstrate the "5Rs."