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Pupil Voice

At Ormesby Village Schools Federation we believe that every child should be given the chance to have their voice heard. We have worked hard at developing a series of committees that ensure that this happens.

This year our committee structure is as follows:

Infant Leadership Team

The Infant Leaders are made up of elected Year 2 pupils - eight children in total. They all get the chance to work with the Headteacher on their own action plan for improvement. This team have a lot of responsibility for promoting the school to visitors, being courageous advocates for change, assisting to host events and assemblies and setting a superb example for others to follow. 

School Council

The School Council consists of children from all classes. They work on making the school and environment a better place and act as the voice of the children. They will also organise events and carry out projects within the local community. They save water, energy and help growing our own bulbs and vegetables.

Class Council

All classes regularly discuss what they think would make the school a better place with their teachers. Their views are fed back to the school council.

Safety Committee

The safety committee work with the teachers, caretaker and Governors to ensure that the school is a safe place.

Sports’ Committee

The Sports’ Committee work to ensure that our PE and school sport is as excellent. They also help to plan sports’ day.

Playground Pals

The Playground Pals work with school staff to rid the school of bullying and support any children that are struggling with minor friendship issues. They model the expected behaviour needed from others, they involve others in breaktime games and they also advise and guide children towards the right path, if required, helping them to correct their behaviour.