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Hole in One!

Sporting enrichment for the Infants in Tri-Golf for our half-term treat!

As is the norm on the final day of the first half-term, the children across the Federation get to enjoy sporting enrichment in a more obscure sport. It holds even more significance this week, because it was Mental Health Week and as we all know children with healthy bodies have healthy minds. So at the Infant school, all children have participated in Tri-Golf courtesy of Ashley from Premier Sports. The children were learning to hold the club correctly, to keep their eye on the ball, to control the power of the strike and to try and putt the ball successfully. Lots of careful calculations going on with the pupils, who really grasped what they had to do well. Thank you Premier Sports for all the fun and the learning. 

It was important to hold an assembly on Tuesday regarding Internet Safety and to share with all the pupils that whilst the Internet provides so many great benefits, it can also be dangerous if we are not aware. We talked about what dangers there might be and even more importantly, we established what we must do if we see or read something we come across that is unpleasant. We close it down, we delete it and we always tell an adult about it. 

Children have enjoyed completing some activities in support of Mental Health Week. 

Next week is half-term, so I hope you all have a relaxing week and we will see you on Monday 20th February.