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Decoration Delight!

Christmas run-in begins with Decoration Day!

The children were all very excited today as they entered assembly knowing that Decoration Day was taking place and some of their parents were visiting to create decorations together. Thankfully, we are able to do this indoors this year (no thanks to COVID), as last year we had to remain in our outdoor areas getting very chilly. Thank you to the staff for enabling this all to go off smoothly overcoming absences and thank you to the parents and relatives for making the event a successful community one. 

The common seasonal illnesses are prevalent in school at the minute, so can we encourage all of our parents to be extra vigilant to symptoms which may include a rash, a temperature and flu-like symptoms. Despite these being very similar to other common viruses, these could be signs of scarlet fever as we have had a few cases in the school. Please visit a GP to get your child checked, as this can be highly contagious without antibiotics to remedy it and to stop the further spread. 

Can I also encourage all parents to remind themselves of the expectations around school uniform, as staff are noticing inappropriate footwear and incorrect jumpers. We are very proud of our uniform and expect everyone to wear it. As a school, we appreciate clothing may get worn out or outgrown and we are aware of the rising cost of living, but we have many items in our second-hand collection, which we would be only too happy to share for small token donation, which would be much cheaper than buying a new item. 

Next week, we have some of our Governors visiting for their first Challenge Day of the year. They will be looking at our curriculum in both schools and we hope they like what they see. They will be speaking to pupils and staff and getting a successful feel of the positive impact our curriculums provide our pupils.

Have a great weekend everyone!