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Summer Return

Welcome Back to the Summer Term!

Well, it is meant to be the Summer term, but evidently nobody has told the weather yet, as we continue to get rain, wind and a chill in the air. Hopefully, things will brighten and dry up in the coming weeks. 

The children have returned in good spirits and I am thrilled that positive behaviour has remained intact after the break. It has been very enjoyable seeing the children in their classes, in assemblies and out on the playground interacting with me in their kind and comical way. Our children truly are lovely and we are very proud of them.

Let me also take this opportunity to remind parents about the correct footwear in line with our uniform policy. Children should be wearing black school shoes and not white trainers on days when they do not have PE. Parents will be spoken to regarding any issues with uniform. 

From Monday 22nd April 2024, the Infant Leaders are launching their SMILE (Smiling Makes Individuals Love Everybody) campaign to encourage a happier and more positive environment from the moment our Ormesby families arrive each day, including adults. They have placed their posters up and around the school site and together with myself or Miss. McMylor, they will be looking to award stickers to those they feel are displaying a genuine and natural smile in their approach to school. I am sure there will be lots of smiling faces come Monday. 

Classes are looking at organising trips for this term, so stay tuned for letters about their plans in the coming weeks. 

Next week, we have a visit from a voluntary community team looking to help develop our outdoor nature space for the children. 

Have a great weekend everyone!