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Sporting Fun All Round!

Reception Class enjoy some exercises led by Year 6 pupils.

Well what a weather week it has been starting off with blistering heat and ending in rain. Such a shame, but at least the children got to enjoy playing and learning outside for most of the week. 

Today, our Reception class got to attend Martham Primary Academy and along with some other nearby schools enjoyed some Year 6 led sporting activities. From football to space hopper relay. The older pupils were so supportive and the Reception pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Behaviour was also excellent.

The Year 2 pupils have all been tackling their SATs papers this week and I have no doubt they have all done their very best. These may continue next week also, if any have not been completed. After half-term, the Year 1 children (and some Year 2s) will be showing how good they are at their Phonics sounds and, like the Year 2 children with their SATs, they will also be doing the best they can. 

Attendance this week was won by Ladybirds with 96%, but Dragonflies class was a close second with 95%. 

Next week, we are all looking forward to dressing up in costumes as Kings and Queens or clothing in red, white and blue and the Jubilee celebrations. We hope the weather remains good for both schools to come together to mark the occasion and make it memorable. 

Have a great weekend everyone.