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Decoration Time!

Week ends with teamwork for Christmas Craft!

This has certainly been an incredibly busy week across the Federation and our Infant week culminated in a Decoration Day where parents and other family relatives visited to make some Christmas craft with their children. Glitter, glue and a plethora of attractive resources were on hand to help the children make their festive baubles and associated items. Anything that has been made, will be available on the pop-up, micro Chritmas Fayre held at the Junior School for a donation on the final day of term from 3:30pm. Thank you to all those who visited, as you can see from the picture some staff had far too much fun. 

On Wednesday our Year 1 children went all the way to the Playhouse Theatre in Norwich to watch a performance of the Gruffalo's Child. Behaviour was fabulous from everyone and one of our children stated it was the best field trip they had ever been on. These kind of trips are so important for young children because they do not often get to go to theatres. It was lovely to see Miss. Cuthill too, who came along to help and support the pupils. 

This time of year obviously provides excitement, but it can also increase a child's anxieties. This stems from a change in their normal school routine, especially when they see parents coming in for additional events. They are able to adapt, they simply need patience, distraction and support to learn that they can cope without mummy or daddy being there for a short period of time.

Next week, we have Speed Stacking for some of our children in Key Stage One, and we have Rev. Jo visiting for our Christingle service. 

Have a great weekend everyone.