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Remembering the Fallen!

Remembrance Day ends the week on an important occasion!

This week has been another jam-packed week, but it ended with an extremely poignant occasion for all children to be involved in. 

Remembrance Day has always been an extremely important occasion for me personally and I have endeavoured to continue the significance of the event with all the children I have had the pleasure of being Headteacher over. The children's contributions were so well put together and, I, like many others, felt the children behaved very well. Thank you to all parents who helped with the safety of walking pupils to and from the memorial. It is a far walk for the youngest pupils, but they did very well. 

On Tuesday saw the flu immunisation team pop in to give children their annual booster. The children taking part were all very sensible and brave. Well done to them!

Dragonflies went over to the Junior school this week to try out the new Immersive Learning Environment. It was never in doubt that they would enjoy the space and I hope all classes continue to use this to support their learning. The more it is used by the children and staff, the easier it will become to operate.  

The classes are also busily arranging some new trips for the children to take part in; ones that will enhance their learning and give them new experiences. We look forward to seeing what these will be, so stay tuned!

Next week, we have Odd Sock Day for Anti-Bullying Week on Monday and then Children in Need non-uniform day for a donation on Friday. We also have some further boys' and girls' fixtures to take part in. 

Have a great weekend everyone!