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Sports Event 20.05.22

A visit to Martham School Academy

On Friday 20.05.22, the Ladybirds were invited to take part in a sporting event with neighbouring schools. We all know the benefits of taking regular exercise, which the Ladybirds usually access with Premier Sports, our outdoor area and other special events organised by school. The event hosted by Martham School Academy, was organised solely for the Reception aged children . The activities were run by the Year 6 children from Martham  School Academy, and these provided a wide range of opportunities to develop specific sporting skills. Apart from the physical development, the event also allowed the children to  develop their personal and social development, as they communicated with the children from other schools. Thank you to the children and staff of Martham School Academy, and well done to the Ladybirds for rising to the occasion. The Ladybirds were extremely well-behaved both at the event and during the coach journey. Well done!