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Around the world (art work)

The Ladybirds have been enjoying their Spring topic ‘Globetrotting from Antarctica to Africa’. For an art activity we have been comparing two places with very different climates. We talked about the animals who live in each environment and the type of habitat they have. Initially, we began by choosing a cold place in our world, and painted just the background of the picture using specific colours we had chosen after looking at photographs.

The next stage was to add our chosen animal, which we drew using special crayons. Finally, using a different media we added other things such as icebergs made from tissue paper to improve the effect of our work. We repeated this order of making our pictures for a hot country (Africa) and this time added a jungle animal and leaves made with other materials. For this stage of the work, we looked at the painting by Henri Rousseau called ‘Tiger in a tropical storm’. The final result was a painting (with representation of both hot and cold places in the world) showing two very different climates and the animals who live there.