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Welcome to Bumblebees' class page!

Here you will see what learning has taken place each week...

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  • Christingle

    Published 28/11/23, by Laura Bird

    Today we learnt all about Christingle...

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  • Decoration Day!

    Published 24/11/23, by Laura McNulty

    Busy Bumblebees making their Christmas decorations!

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  • Remembrance Day

    Published 10/11/23, by Laura McNulty

    Our wreath for Remembrance Day!

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  • Maths

    Published 03/11/23, by Rebecca Cuthill

    Parts and whole 

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  • 2D shapes

    Published 20/10/23, by Rebecca Cuthill

    We used our knowledge of 2D shapes to create pictures.

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  • PE fun

    Published 13/10/23, by Rebecca Cuthill


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  • We are computer whizzes

    Published 07/10/23, by Rebecca Cuthill

    Children exploring on the chromebooks

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  • Self Portraits

    Published 22/09/23, by Rebecca Cuthill


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  • We are artists in Bumblebees!

    Published 15/09/23, by Rebecca Cuthill

    Handprint pictures

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  • Division

    Published 24/02/23, by Samantha Vaughan

    Dividing the animals by 2 

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  • Bushcraft

    Published 03/02/23, by Samantha Vaughan

    Stick creations 

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  • Mathematical arrays

    Published 03/02/23, by Samantha Vaughan


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